Our Mission:  

Concordia Lutheran Preschool will guide, nurture and prepare children for this life and eternal life through a developmentally appropriate Christ-centered education.
We will do this by developing faithful, well-rounded, highly motivated, young Christians as maturing disciples to some-day become all the Lord always intended them to be.

Our Philosophy:  

We at Concordia Lutheran Preschool understand that each child is a precious gift from God, a special person for whom Christ lived and died and rose again.  We will treat your child with love and respect in a warm and caring Christian environment.  The staff at Concordia Lutheran Preschool recognizes that parents have the primary responsibility for nurturing their children.  We see ourselves as partners with you in helping to impart timeless and changeless Christian values, morals and ethics to your child in an ever-changing world.  We are honored with such trust and responsibility.



Concordia is a Christ-centered preschool.  At Concordia, children thrive in a safe and comfortable environment where exploration and interaction are encouraged and supported. Our preschool provides experiences for construction, self-expression, dramatic play, language, experimentation and large and small motor activity.  Children move freely from one center of interest to another, exploring, wandering, dancing, singing, playing, and listening.  These are all ways of learning.  As children mature they use materials and experiences in more complex ways and thus develop new skills and lengthen their attention spans.

The major activity of young children is PLAY and it is the basic ingredient of all learning.  The young child learns best with concrete, specific and tangible materials and sees greater value in the actual handling of objects than in the use of abstract symbols which represent the object.  One of our goals is to help children develop habits of observing, questioning and listening. These habits give increasing awareness of their own feelings and their right to express those feelings through various means such as talking, moving, drawing, building, etc.


Synodical Affiliation    

Concordia Lutheran is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod, part of the ELS/WELS fellowship and home to the fourth largest private school system in the nation. It has a long tradition of academic excellence in preschools through 12th grade.

ELS/WELS churches and/or associations operate over 150 early childhood centers, 425 elementary schools, plus 25 area Lutheran high schools all across the nation. ELS/WELS colleges provide excellent instructors for schools by thoroughly training teachers since 1884. It’s also most gratifying to report that, on average, students attending ELS/WELS Lutheran schools annually tend to academically outperform peers by considerable margins in standardized national achievement tests. We must humbly thank Almighty God for manifold blessings through Lutheran schools.